A yogic perspective on food to boost energy and take charge of your health!

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What to Eat? How to Decide?

An In-depth Look at Holistic Yogic Diet



The session eased all my concerns, especially on how to easily incorporate the changes into what I’m doing now. Initially I felt overwhelmed before the session largely because of past experiences of attempted changes. I appreciated the simplicity without being overly vague.

I felt he session was very balanced and I feel confident to make the adjustments comfortably. Thank you for creating this initiative!

Thank you Anna for this wonderful session πŸ™ πŸ™
— Nora Nickolet, Participant

I enjoy cooking. I believe that food served with love can bring positivity in all who consume it.

I have always found food consumed in the Isha ashram, so tasty! Many a times, I overeat in ashram, but instead of feeling sluggish, I always felt energetic. I was curious to understand the magic behind it. Hence, when Mukul Anna announced the workshop on food, I just wanted to attend it. The workshop was mind blowing. All of us are bombarded with information on what to eat, how much to eat, what are the nutrition values, but we have an awesome measuring tool with us, our body! Who else knows best than our own body as to what it needs? First thing that I learnt in this workshop is how to become aware of its needs and listen to my body.

Anna spoke about the physical, physiological aspects of our system. He talked about the impact of water in our system etc. I also learned "What and How" aspects of food.

I feel that this precious knowledge should reach many youngsters as they carry the baton to the next generation.

Thank you Anna for this wonderful session πŸ™ πŸ™
— Deepa Ravichandran, Participant


Though food plays such a vital role in our life, we have hardly paid much attention to the way it works on our system.

The Aahar online session was an eye opener towards having a deeper insight on food. Starting from β€˜what to eat’ to β€˜how to eat’, it was an interesting session to review my food habits. It has helped me look at food with more awareness.

— Shiny Ponamma, Participant

How & What of Eating Food!

This program is specially crafted for aspiring yogis! If you want at least an element of being a yogi to enter your life, it's very important that we eat accordingly. What you eat determines how you are in many ways. Learn simple diet secrets used by yogis to live healthy life. If you to learn to eat right, health and well-being is just a byproduct and not something that you need to aspire for.

The Burning Questions!

  • What's the relation between food and sleep?
  • Could vegetarian diet be sufficient?
  • I can't live without non veg. Any options?
  • Raw or cooked food? Fresh food or packed food?
  • What constitutes a balanced diet?
  • How much water to drink and when? Warm water or cold?
  • Which food to avoid and which to include?
  • I have a hard time fasting. Is fasting really needed?
  • How to eat and approach the food we are consuming?
  • Can I consume dairy products? Is it safe for my children?
  • What to eat to stay alert throughout the day?
  • How many times to chew the food?
  • Any quick healthy recipes I could make?
  • Can healthy food be tasty as well? How?
  • How many meals to have and when?
  • I have chronic ailments - can it be cured by changing my food?
  • How to cook for the kids?
  • There will also be a Q&A session to cover any other questions you may have

Attend Aahar, Online...At Your Own Pace!

Online Program!

The video duration is about 3 hours and its recommended to watch it at a stretch.

It will be streamed β€” so please find a stable internet connection and will be available to watch for 72 hours from the time you start.


The session content is designed based on the Yogic diet guidelines given by Sadhguru. By the end of the session, participants will be equipped to take charge of their diet, their overall health and well-being!




✒ To watch the video without any lags, please make sure you have a good broadband connection. Anything below 500 kbps will result in lags or delays. You could also use your 4G connection and watch it using your mobile device

✒ Please note that no yogic practices will be taught in the Aahar Online session. The session is primarily about yogic diet and will comprise of talks and videos. There will also be an invitation to join a Facebook group where you can post your questions and share your experiences!

✒ Kindly note that this is not going to be a cooking session where you get to learn how to make recipes. This online, pre-recorded session is more about yogic diet where you learn what to eat and how to eat! We would be able to share a PDF containing 200+ yogic recipes and guide you on how to get access to more of them

✒ Anyone above 12 years of age could join and no other pre requisites are needed to attend this session

✒ If you are unable to attend this session, but would be like to be updated about the upcoming online sessions, please fill out a simple form here

✒ In case of any queries, please contact us at +918217481232

Aahar β€” In Person!

  • Aahar Experience

    We also schedule day long Aahar programs in Bengaluru where apart from the insights on food, you could also get to try out refreshing yogic recipes!

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Namaskaram from Mukul Anna!

Aahar has been conceived by Yogi Re β€” an initiative started by Mukul to bring at least an element of being a yogi in everyone's life.

Mukul underwent intense teacher training designed by Sadhguru, founder of Isha Foundation, and has personally conducted 300+ workshops across Bangalore in the last 3 years, touching over 4500 lives!

Aahar, and beyond!

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